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With one of the world’s largest youth population & World's second-largest Internet population, India is poised to become one of the world’s leading markets in the Gaming Sector. Currently valued at USD 890 million, the Indian Gaming Industry is estimated for the annual growth rate of 14.3 percent with who else than Mobile Gaming taking the lead at 71% share.

Mobile Gaming in India

Fast forward a couple of decades and the country has already witnessed the smartphone uprising. Almost 40% of the country now has access to smartphones. This number is increasing by a healthy rate of over 12% annually. Presently, the average gamer in India spends 42 minutes a day on mobile games. NASSCOM data suggests that India’s mobile games market will be worth $1.1 billion by 2020, and the number of users projected to become 628 million by then.

Gaming Industry Challenges and Solutions

The Online Mobile gaming market has a few distinct segments in India. Firstly, there is the commonly used individual gaming, then comes multi-player gaming followed by a rapidly growing ecosystem of fantasy sports. Except for individual gaming or single-player Games, both multi-player gaming & fantasy sports face regular challenges managing their backend. In turn, Failing to cater to seamless user experience and scaling Unpredictable Spikes.

Guess what? Cloud (Public Cloud) comes in here for a rescue. Gaming, in fact, remains the fastest growing sector for monetization even for Google. Cloud gaming presents a massive market opportunity that prolongs beyond interactive entertainment. Web giants like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are already gunning for the share of the business and have already offered, or are in the process of offering products that are built to catch the fancy of the Indian youth.

Although this symbiotic existence of increasing user traffic is expected to add a major thrust to the Indian gaming industry, one must keep in mind that long-term global success in the gaming market will happen only when it is accompanied by continued innovation, excellence in the ability to handle scale and a skilled team to manage backend; assuring seamless user experience.

Here comes Flentas playing a vital role in making Games achieve global success.

Gaming company Gametion has multiple online multiplayer games under their umbrella. One of their most successful game “Ludo King” with 300 Million user-base worldwide and currently India’s #1 Game was once hosted on a PaaS platform (Photon Engine). As the game started drawing more and more users it was becoming difficult and expensive to sustain millions of multiplayer users on a third-party PaaS solution. Flentas proposed to re-architect the multiplayer engine with a focus on improving performance on AWS. As per the proposal, a complete re-architecting of the backend platform and migration to AWS was successfully done. Currently, they have 1.5 million concurrent users due to lockdown and are scaling efficiently on AWS.

Flentas also helped multiple Fantasy gaming companies to scale applications and infra for thousands of concurrent users. These games need to scale on specific event-based occasions like IPL, EPL, world cups, etc. Flentas time and again helps them to upgrade and manage their application for a better scale.

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