From connecting industrial equipments to making things smarter, IIoT is much bigger than you envisage. We can help you remotely monitor your factories, plants, Farms and deliver AI/ML driven actionables.


Instrumentation using industrial sensors
Sensor telemetry & communication
Testing and assembly

Industrial Protocol Integration
Transmission mode: GSM, Wifi, Zigbee, LoRa, BLE, RS232, etc.
Data Protocols: Modbus, OPC, Ethernet / IP, Serial, etc.
Custom topology as per use case

IoT Gateway
Readymade framework for data collection, buffer,
Multi-protocol support (wired/wireless)
Portable (supports any Linux OS for hosting)

Device Operations
Device security
Remote device management and monitoring
Edge computing

Industry agnostic solutions
Predictive maintenance models
Build, train and deploy models at scale


  1. Increased Industrial Safety - Monitor key health and safety performance indicators to ensure safe and optimal workplace conditions
  2. Optimize Supply Chain - Real-time supply chain data allows for greater control and effective planning
  3. Improve Inventory Management - Get a comprehensive view of the inventory to prevent slow downs while also reducing the risk of inventory management error
  4. Reduce Operational Expenses - Smart metering allows for effective monitoring and management of resources
  5. Optimize Maintenance - Through sensors, you’ll be able to better tell when equipment is affected by wear and tear, allowing for better facility management

Success stories

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Operations and Maintenance of Construction Equipments using IoT

Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd is a Mumbai based leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality construction machineries and equipment. It was founded in the ....

Ludo King DevOps Implementation

Founded in 2008, Gametion is one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian Gaming Industry. It is known for creating games that reach out to a variety of different audiences; something for everyone if you will....


Real Time Graph using AWS Services (Part 1)

In this project we are going to use Load Cell and HX711 Amplifier with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to build a real time graph system using AWS Services.

Modbus integration with AWS IoT

Industrial automation is not new. But it is time to create a better modbus iot integration for a deeper understanding of your data and also manage your devices in a efficient way.

How IoT is changing the future of farm?

As we move into the era of the high-tech farm, technologies are emerging which disrupt the way farmers monitor, manage and view every aspect of agriculture.

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