We help organisations of all shapes and sizes migrate to the cloud and free-up resources by lowering IT costs while improving productivity, operational resiliency, and business agility. Given our proven customer success in migrating complex workloads, we have developed solid migration framework to accelerate and make cloud migration a breeze.

Our Cloud Migration Services

Advisory Services
Application assessment
Cloud readiness
Defining Cloud roadmap

Lift & Shift
VM and data migration
Minimal application changes
Leverage Cloud Infra services

Leverage cloud PaaS services
Managed Database, load balancing, etc.

Changing existing codebase
App Modernisation
De-coupling application

Rebuild & Replace
Rewrite & Revamp application
Serverless / Containerisation

Benefits of Cloud Migration

  1. Increased Productivity - The convenience of accessing data from anywhere and everywhere allows businesses great freedom to innovate from anywhere they want, whenever they want
  2. Faster go to Market - Provision the entire infra as and when required, no need for capacity planning.
  3. Increased Collaboration - With greater interconnection between each and every segment of your business, your business can collaborate more effectivel
  4. Reliability - Both hardware and software-level redundancy protect you from loss of data
  5. Reduced Management Costs - With autoscaling, you can provision additional systems as and when required, while turning them off when not needed. This helps reduce expense

How will Cloud Migration help your business grow?

Understanding of the current infrastructure landscape, application architecture and cloud readiness play very important role in cloud migration process. Either its lift and shift migration or re-architecting of current application for better scale, we can help you plan, design and execute entire migration activity.

If you are thinking about cloud migration and do not know where to start, we are here to help you. Our solution architect will assess your requirement and guide you in your journey to cloud.


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