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GameOps Services

Scale your games operations with ease
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Our GameOps Services:

A key differentiator for Game Studios

AWS DevOps Certificate

Multi-platform Sign-in/Login

We authenticate users' game identities by integrating Facebook, Apple, and Google for account login and signup

AWS DevOps Certificate

Player Management

Players may be reported or banned using player management options and also be able to deliver unique awards to successful gamers individually

AWS DevOps Certificate

AssetBundle Management

AssetBundles simplifies content management and helps replace textures, models, game objects, audio clips, prefabs and many other assets

AWS DevOps Certificate

Friendship Management

Friends can identify and choose players through social connections like Facebook and compete against them

AWS DevOps Certificate


Dynamically distribute the resources in your games on a multi-tenant platform wherein each tenant's data is isolated

Do you need to twitch your game events a little?

LiveOps services

Our GameOps approach

Optimize your games' performance as we help you conceptualize powerful features for your game through strategy, roadmap, design, execution, and monitoring

AWS DevOps Certificate Basic graph analytics Some analytics KPIs, such as DAU, WAU, MAU, 1-3-7-21 day retention, etc., can be plotted on the dashboard to understand better game changes and player behavior, which helps improve the game experience
AWS DevOps Certificate Catalog and Inventory Assistance Multiple inventories and in-game currency creation are possible via the dashboard. One can also integrate the play store and app store with the catalog to register real money purchase inventories
AWS DevOps Certificate Game Ledger and
Purchase Validation
The player's entire in-game transactions are displayed in ledger format, which can be exported to Excel. Verification for every purchase made through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Upgrade your game
Upgrade your game in minutes using these GameOps/ LiveOps features

Player Management

  • Multi-platform Login & Signup​
  • Report/Ban Players​
  • Player Segmentation buckets​
  • Custom Player Attributes​​

Game Management

  • Implementing Leaderboards
  • Catalog & Inventory Management
  • Event Management
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Configuration Management
  • Game Ledger & Purchase Validation


  • Push Notifications
  • Player Support
  • Basic Analytics

Build and Optimize your game with Flentas GameOps Solutions 

Why choose Flentas' GameOps Services?

Through a deep understanding of primary KPIs, we assist game developers in creating engaging experiences

The woman is defining the data source and data flow in this picture.

All-in-one Scalable LiveOps/ GameOps Solution

Our end-to-end scalable game operation solution focuses entirely on enhancing your player's life cycle through consistent
game improvements

This image depicts a man and a woman holding equipment for data collection and storage.

Customizable GameOps Solution Deployed on Cloud

Our engaging GameOps solutions make sure you can operate smarter using the cloud to maximize the potential of your multi-player games

In this image, the information from the cloud is ETL (Extract, Transform, load).

Complete Control of the
Game Environment

Our GameOps/ LiveOps solution gives you the freedom to tailor your entire game experience through efficient and intelligent management of live games

This picture depicts a data lake or data warehouse.

No Dependency on
External Platforms

With a solution like ours, developers can deploy changes without any hassles and scale up and down as per demand surge through a secure remote access

This photo displays data visualisation and analytics.

Launch Multiple Games on our Multi-Tenant Platform

Reap the benefits of cost along with quality with our specialization in Cloud Migration, Cloud Native Development, DevOps implementation, IoT, and Big Data

This photo displays data visualisation and analytics.

Live Game
Operations Support

Our dedicated resources will not leave you in the dark, and they are with you throughout, looking to fine-tune and improve your game

This is the 360 VUZ company logo.
This is the iball logo.
This is the logo of ketto, a client of Flentas Technologies.
This logo is used by flentas technologies' client UPL.
This is the 360 VUZ company logo.
This is the iball logo.
This is the logo of ketto, a client of Flentas Technologies.
This logo is used by flentas technologies' client UPL.
Trusted by some of the most innovative startups and enterprises Spanning various industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Gaming
Our Happy Customers It's not just quality customer service that we provide, but our focus on delivering the best cloud solutions resulting in business returns that all our customers enjoy is what makes them happy and us happier.

We create success stories that are born in the cloud

Flentas is a cloud consulting company, focused on digital transformation. We help companies across various industries innovate with cloud technology by implementing a cloud experience for all your workloads. Leverage our cloud solutions for extraordinary performance, robust security, and scalability.

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Is it a multi-tenant cloud architecture?

AWS DevOps Certificate

Yes. You can onboard unlimited games (multiple tenants) in a single platform utilizing our scalable cloud GameOps platform.

Can we customize as per our game requirements?

AWS DevOps Certificate

Though the solution is compatible with onboarding any fantasy game, it is entirely customizable according to the client's requirements.

What is the main USP of using Flentas gameops/ game live ops solution?

AWS DevOps Certificate

Our gameops/ game liveops solution is cloud agnostic and priced very competitively compared to other game live ops solutions in the industry.

Do you offer gameplay server as well?

AWS DevOps Certificate

Our gameops solution has essential gameplay server software that can accommodate various turn-based multiplayer games. 

Do you have a matchmaking offering?

AWS DevOps Certificate

We offer complex matchmaking, which uses Google's open-source OpenMatch platform.

Does Flentas GameOps solution provide features to support the multiplayer game backend? 

AWS DevOps Certificate

Since our GameOps solution is custom-made per your games' requirements, we provide all player management, game management, game analytics, and more features. Multi-platform login & sign-up, report/ ban players, leaderboard, remote config, game ledger & purchase validation are a few.


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