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In this picture, a man is holding a trophy that represents flentas as the #1 cloud company in Pune.

What is GitOps, how does it work, and why is it so useful?

In the fast-paced software development industry, efficient workflows and robust practices are crucial for staying ahead. GitOps, a methodology that streamlines deployment and operations through the utilization of Git repositories, has emerged as a powerful approach to managing and maintaining complex systems. By leveraging Git as the single source of truth, GitOps promotes collaboration, automation, and reliability in the software delivery pipeline.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
14th Sep 2023 Kunal Mahajan 7 min read

API Management in Cloud Application Modernization

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, cloud application modernization has emerged as a crucial strategy for businesses to remain competitive, agile, and cost-effective. One of the cornerstones of successful modernization is the effective management of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
13th Sep 2023 Kunal Mahajan 6 min read

Hybrid Cloud: Approaches in the Financial Industry

The hybrid cloud model is an approach to computing that combines multiple cloud environments, including public, private, and on-premises infrastructures. Organizations can utilize various cloud deployment models to meet their specific needs. This enables them to take advantage of the benefits offered by each model.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
17th July 2023 Shozab Ali 7 min read

AWS Snowmobile: Large-scale data migration for startups

To emphasize how strange it would be if Amazon drove in a 15-meter-long truck… this is how they unveiled AWS Snowmobile during the re: invent 2016 conference in Las Vegas.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
14th July 2023 Harshada Pawar 5 min read

Containerization vs. Traditional App Deployment: Which is Best for Mobile Apps?

Traditional app deployment involves building and deploying the application on a specific operating system, hardware, and network environment. This approach can be more time-consuming and complex, but it offers advantages such as greater control, familiarity, and customization.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
5th June 2023 Vishwajeet Mali 7 min read

Measuring Success in Enterprise Cloud Migration: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurable metrics that show how well you're doing in a particular area. If you want to know how much time is needed to recover after an incident, you can determine the average amount of time it takes to recover from the perspective of incident management.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
1st June 2023 Raushan Sharma 7 min read

Building a Modern Application Stack: Best Practices for CTOs

The rate at which companies update their products and services has been dramatically impacted by digital transformation. Companies are progressively developing items that are either technology itself or highly influenced by technology - every company is becoming a technology company.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
29th May 2023 Nishant Patil 7 min read

The Cost of Ignoring Disaster Recovery in Cloud Migration

Disaster recovery is when an organization can quickly and efficiently respond to and recover from a disaster that disrupts normal business operations. Disaster recovery techniques allow the organization to resume the usage of vital systems and IT infrastructure as quickly as possible following a calamity.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
25th May 2023 Nishant Patil 4 min read

Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm: Comparing Container Orchestration Platforms

Containerization has been a revolution in the IT industry. Containerization is packaging software code, configurations, and dependencies into a self-contained unit called a container. Containerization allows developers to package their applications in a portable, lightweight container easily.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
10th May 2023 Nihal Naik 8 min read

Kubernetes for DevOps: Streamlining the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Kubernetes is now the de-facto standard for container orchestration. With more and more organizations adopting Kubernetes, we must get our fundamental ops-infra in place before any migration. Kubernetes automates container deployments across various infrastructure environments and guarantees efficient resource utilization. Hence, companies should establish CI/CD pipelines that utilize the Kubernetes platform.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
9th May 2023 Shozab Ali 6 min read

AWS CodeGuru: Overview and Use Case

Amazon CodeGuru is a machine learning service for automated code reviews and application performance recommendations. It helps you to find out the most expensive lines of code that hurts the application performance.

In this image, code lines represent machine learning services like AWS codeguru.
23rd October 2022 Sanket Jain 3 min read

DevOps and Microservices using AWS Services

Successfully implementing DevOps practices is not easy. Depending on the company's size, it can take several months or even years.

17th September 2022 Sanket Jain 5 min read

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Vs Virtualization Vs Containerization

Over the last decade, several execution environments have been introduced in the IT field. IT professionals have benefitted significantly by shifting to the execution environment best suited for them. IaaS, Virtualization, and Containerization are some of the significant execution environments available today.

11th August 2022 Flentas Tech 7 min read

AWS CloudFormation: Import Existing Resources into CloudFormation Stack

As you know, AWS CloudFormation service is used for automating the provisioning your infrastructure through code. But this is achieved providing a template that states all the services and resource required for the infrastructure setup. Its basically adding a list of required services with the names and specifications in a document that will setup your entire infrastructure within minutes and in one go. The advantage is if this infra document can be standardized, it can be used for multiple clients’ infra setup.

An individual working on  AWS cloudformation stack at her computer.
7th August 2022 Sanket Jain 4 min read

10 Best Practices for Securing Workloads in AWS

Cloud technology has permeated all business fields, not limiting itself to just IT operations. Cloud adoption continues to accelerate as crucial workloads are needed to support remote working. But what exactly is a workload? A workload is any program that runs on a computer or is powered by computing technology.

26th July 2022 Flentas Tech 5 min read

AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise Simplified

If you're managing a complex infrastructure with multiple hosts and applications, learn how AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise will make it easier | Flentas

A woman is staring at icons of innovation and puppet server automation
26 July 2022 Sanket Jain 4 min read

Do you know these five AWS services where you can save up to 70% of cost

One of the main reasons why most of the companies move their IT services to cloud is to save money. With AWS it is common knowledge that EC2 reserved instance is at a discounted rate. RDS is another service that can be reserved.

13th July 2022 Sanket Jain 4 min read

Multi-Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud

The cloud is a virtual location on the internet to store files, applications, databases, servers, etc. The cloud is no longer a luxury reserved for modern and big enterprises. In today's world, it has become an absolute necessity. Companies across all fields can now choose the cloud to get an ever-new dimension of their business.

An image with multi cloud and hybrid cloud representation.
7th July 2022 Flentas Tech 6 min read

Top Trends to Witness in the Fintech Sector In 2023

The Fintech industry uses technologies to make financial services more accessible to the public, such as innovative banking, investing, and cryptocurrency applications. The Fintech industry consists of start-ups and established financial institutions trying to enhance financial services usage provided by existing financial companies.

A man is shown holding a globe that is surrounded by fintech trends.
22nd June 2022 Flentas Tech 6 min read

AWS Opsworks for Chef Automate Simplified

Looking for simplified way to manage your cloud infrastructure with ease? AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate gives you the ability to make your work lot easier.

In this image, a crane is loading an application that symbolizes for continuous integration server automation.
20th June 2022 Sanket Jain 5 min read

How can businesses benefit from a Cloud-First approach

The cloud, as we all know, is a virtual location on the internet to store files, applications, databases, servers, etc. Cloud computing has created an entirely new dimension of the internet and is a game-changer in the era of sharing and exchanging information.

An illustration of the advantages of the cloud first strategy.
6th June 2022 Flentas Tech 8 min read

AWS IoT TwinMaker Simplified

The field of ‘Smart' appliances has evolved due to the convergence of multiple technologies, including robust embedded systems, commodity sensors, wireless network systems, etc. These fields collectively and independently enable the Internet of Things (IoT).

A man can be seen using the AWS IoT TwinMaker.
25th May 2022 Sanket Jain 5 min read

Top 10 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Are The Future Of Cloud Computing

The simulation of human intelligence process by machines, especially computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a branch of computer science that focuses on thinking like humans. Some AI applications include speech recognition, problem-solving, language processing, etc.

Cloud Computing using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
13th May 2022 Flentas Tech 4 min read

AWS IoT SiteWise: Explained

The field of ‘Smart' appliances has evolved due to the convergence of multiple technologies, including robust embedded systems, commodity sensors, wireless network systems, etc. These fields collectively and independently enable the Internet of Things (IoT).

A man is in charge of the AWS IoT Sitewise automation.
15th April 2022 Ankita Acharekar 7 min read

Cloud Backup VS Cloud Disaster Recovery

Data loss and security breaches are becoming very common in today's world. If any disaster happens, all of the organization's data must be protected and readily available for the business to survive.

A cloud disaster recovery is portrayed as a digital safe.
6th April 2022 Flentas Tech 6 min read

Top 10 Business Drivers for Cloud Transformation

Adopting digital transformation is increasing across the business world. Everyone wants a digital approach, even a large or small to mid-sized business bound by technology. Cloud computing is a crucial pillar in an organization's digital transformation journey.

29th March 2022 Flentas Tech 5 min read

How to Modernize applications on Cloud

As we all know, the field of Information and Technology is constantly undergoing evolution and is changing the shape of business in India. An application that seems new today might not be the same after some time.

3rd March 2022 Sanket Jain 4 min read

ArgoCD for Kubernetes

Deploying your application using Kubernetes brings a lot of infrastructure related advantages. These include, flexibility while scaling, managing distributed components, having complete control over various versions of your application.

It features the agrocd logo and the text get started with agrocd on kubernetes.
4th February 2022 Suraj Shinare 6 min read

Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services in 2023

With ever-evolving technology, digital transformation is today’s need for every organization. This transformation is needed in order to make the business more profitable.

This picture features cloud icon and represents best cloud migration tools.
18th January 2022 Shivkumar Mallesappa 7 min read

Why are enterprises big and small considering Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration does require a lot of prep work which can be daunting, but it is worth it with all the benefits you can enjoy in the long run.

11th January 2022 Flentas Tech 7 min read

Alexa: Overview and Sample Use Case

Alexa (named after the ancient library of Alexandria) is Amazon's cloud based voice-control system available on millions of devices from Amazon and any third-party device manufacturers.

This graphic shows automated voice assistant use cases similar to Amazon Alexa.
4th January 2022 Rushabh Sudame 7 min read

Blockchain – Pragmatic Overview

The prospect of a world in which all text, audio, picture, and video documents are in digital form on easily modifiable media raises the issue of how to certify when a document was created or last changed. The problem is to time-stamp the data, not the medium.

This picture illustrates Blockchain Cloud Deployment
4th January 2022 Sanket Jain 4 min read

How IOT, Cloud and Big Data are related to each other?

In layman terms, devices that can connect to internet and can transmit data points to remote server or receive instructions from remote server for performing some actions are termed as Things.

The network-like structures in this illustration stand for IoT cloud.
4th January 2022 Flentas Tech 4 min read

Continuous Integration in Action – A DevOps Tale

This blog post is an attempt to showcase what all goes into setting up a minimal CI (Continuous Integration) process of the Delivery Pipeline.

In this picture, a man is engaged in Continuous Testing for DevOps.
4th January 2022 Flentas Tech 6 min read

Build a Scalable and efficient data analytics engine for your game

Over the last several years, enterprises have accumulated massive amounts of data. Data volumes have increased at an unprecedented rate, exploding from terabytes to petabytes and sometimes exabyte’s of data. Increasingly, many enterprises are building highly scalable, available, secure, and flexible data lakes on AWS that can handle extremely large datasets.

This image's graph and measurement features are similar to those of an analytics engine.
30th November 2021 Rushabh Sudame 7 min read

Cloud is the future of Gaming: Know where you stand

Gaming industry has taken a front seat after COVID-19 pandemic and few gaming studios have seen remarkable growth in their DAUs (Daily active users) and MAUs (Monthly active users). This is where the role of cloud becomes inevitable for any large gaming studio.

It depicts a person engaging in futuristic cloud gaming.
23rd June 2021 Shohel Khatri 6 min read

Key Backend Services for successful Games and a unique gameplay experience

Every mobile based game, be it online or offline requires some kind of backend services. Usually, game developers/studios focus all their energies on game development rather than on backend services and its server infrastructure. In this blog, we will try to highlight what are these backend services and break them down based on functional and operational perspective.

This picture shows the backend of game development
12th May 2021 Shohel Khatri 8 min read

Indian Gaming Industry

With one of the world’s largest youth population & World's second-largest Internet population, India is poised to become one of the world’s leading markets in the Gaming Sector.

This shows a person playing a game available in the Indian gaming industry.
10th April 2021 Flentas Tech 4 min read

AWS IoT Greengrass : New Era of Home Automation

AWS IoT Greengrass is software that elongate cloud capabilities to local devices. This enables devices to collect and analyze data closer to the source of information, react autonomously to local events, and communicate with each other on local networks with security.

The picture shows a smart home system that uses AWS IoT greengrass.
14th March 2021 Shohel Khatri 5 min read

Real Time Graph using AWS Services (Part 1)

In this project we are going to use Load Cell and HX711 Amplifier with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to build a real time graph system using AWS Services.

It features real-time graph from a Raspberry Pi weight sensor
25th February 2021 Rushabh Sudame 6 min read

Real Time Graph using AWS Services (Part 2)

In this part of tutorial, we are going to setup server-side logic. We will be covering all steps including AWS Services setup, Backend and Frontend. So, without wasting a minute, let's start our tutorial.

The picture is an illustration of AWS Real Time Analytics.
21st January 2021 Rushabh Sudame 5 min read

AWS Gamelift Simplified

As the Covid-19 pandemic hits the world, everyone was locked down in their own homes. At start, it was little fun to binge all TV shows, Movies, etc. As physical sports were put on hold due to lockdown, Virtual sports began to come into existence for almost everyone. Earlier it was only few people who used to play Mobile/PC games regularly, but since many of us getting bored, we figured out to play with friends virtually.

In this image a guy is playing on a game hosting platform like AWS gamelift.
4th January 2022 Rushabh Sudame 8 min read

Modbus integration with AWS IoT

Industrial automation is not new. But it is time to create a better modbus iot integration for a deeper understanding of your data and also manage your devices in a efficient way.

The image demonstrates a connection between industrial automation and the cloud.
8th November 2020 Rushabh Sudame 6 min read

How Internet of Things is changing the future of the farm ?

As we move into the era of the high-tech farm, technologies are emerging which disrupt the way farmers monitor, manage and view every aspect of agriculture. Internet of Things brought tremendous revolution in farming Industry.

10th July 2020 Rushabh Sudame 5 min read

Kubernetes: Rolling Deployment

The software industry is rapidly using containers as a way to facilitate development, deployment, and environment orchestration for Application Developers.

The woman may be seen utilising Kubernetes deployment tools in the picture.
19th January 2020 Sanket Jain 4 min read

Kubernetes: Pragmatic Overview

Kubernetes or k8s is an open source platform that is used to configure and automate container operations. It was developed by Google in 2014. It is used for scaling and deploying containerized applications.

The picture features the logo for Kubernetes architecture.
4th August 2019 Flentas Tech 6 min read
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This is the 360 VUZ company logo.
This is the iball logo.
This is the logo of ketto, a client of Flentas Technologies.
This logo is used by flentas technologies' client UPL.
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