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Cloud Managed Services

We help you manage a robust Cloud Infrastructure that can scale while you focus on your core business
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We help reduce operational overhead, accelerate cloud adoption

We help Enterprises, SMEs, and startups build, operate, and monitor their public cloud environments. This helps reduce operational overhead, accelerate cloud adoption and help businesses focus on product innovation.

We take care of everyday activities, such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services, and provide 24x7 support models to provision, run and support the entire cloud infrastructure.

Key Activities
we execute in Managed Services

Clock timer logo Monitoring & Alerts
  • Infrastructure Alerts
  • Application Alerts
  • Centralised Logging
Timer logo Business Continuity Plan
  • Defining RTO / RPO
  • Automated Backup and retention
  • Cold / Warm backup policies
Monitor Screen Logo Periodic Reporting
  • Quarterly /monthly / weekly Reports
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Centralised Logging
 Arrow Logo Cloud Governance
  • Automated Security Compliance
  • Cloud activity logging and policy enforcement
  • Automated cost & account management
Profile Logo 24x7 Cloud Support
  • Shared / Dedicated reliability engineers
  • Service Assurance with SLAs
 Shield Logo Cloud Native Security
  • Cloud Native Security
  • Access & Identity Management
  • VPN Support

Why Should Enterprises
opt for Cloud Managed Services?

Enterprises are moving to the cloud more than ever, and managing the cloud infrastructure is crucial for all IT teams. To address this challenge, enterprises either manage their IT infrastructure in-house or choose a cloud-managed service provider to help with their complex IT architecture.

The aim is to find the right cloud-managed service provider to develop a strategy that fits just right. Because a wrong strategy will lead to failures like:

Security Risks

Your IT infrastructure may be vulnerable to multiple risks. Hence, a cloud-managed service provider is required to help you create a security strategy to avoid security risks.

Operational Risks

A cloud-managed service provider like Flentas has a team of experts specializing in controlling, monitoring, and optimizing operational productivity. Hence, you can avoid any risks and critical situations that lead to downtime.

Additional Costs

Not having the right cloud service support can lead to more expenses, and the time taken for projects will also increase.

Hiring, training and managing a large operations team for continuously evolving cloud services.

Having a Cloud Managed Service Provider onboard can help you address all of the above and run applications smoothly while focusing on your core business strategy.

Why Choose Flentas as your Cloud Managed Service Provider

Benefit from a strong team of 55+ solution architects and cloud developers, large enough to execute big projects and small enough to be agile.

Understanding Customer Needs image

Understanding Customer Needs & Expectations of the Cloud

Dedicated Team having multi-cloud expertise

Dedicated Team having Multi-cloud expertise

Support multiple technologies image

Support multiple technologies

 Focused on delivering on deadline image

Focused on delivering outcomes

Managing entire IT firm image

Responsible for managing your entire IT Infrastructure

 Building Innovation image

Building Innovation at scale

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Trusted by some of the most innovative startups and enterprises Spanning various industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Gaming
Our Happy Customers It's not just quality customer service that we provide, but our focus on delivering the best cloud solutions resulting in business returns that all our customers enjoy is what makes them happy and us happier.

We create success stories that are born in the cloud

Flentas is a cloud consulting company, focused on digital transformation. We help companies across various industries innovate with cloud technology by implementing a cloud experience for all your workloads. Leverage our cloud solutions for extraordinary performance, robust security, and scalability.

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Is it cost-efficient to onboard a Cloud MSP?

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It is not just cost-efficient, but having a cloud-managed service provider on board will help your organization reap the full benefit of your cloud investment without worrying about hiring more people, bringing in more technologies, and also enjoying quality services.

What type of companies should opt for Cloud Managed Services?

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Businesses of all sizes and in any industry can opt for Managed Services for various reasons. Having an MSP will only help you free up critical resources that can be utilized for strategic projects.

How long should I engage in a partnership with a Cloud MSP?

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Enterprises should always plan to engage with cloud MSP from a long-term (3 to 5 years) perspective. Any long-term association with a good cloud MSP will yield a much higher return as partners will understand the systems, processes, and internal team over the period. And it will result in better collaboration, ROI, uptime, etc.

What is the response time at Flentas?

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We have 24X7 operations for enterprise customers, as no one can predict issues like downtime & disasters.


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