Cloud Native Application Development Services

Modernise applications and new product development to reap maximum benefits from cloud technology
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Create agility and flexibility with a cloud-first mindset

Building a Cloud Native Application is easier said than done, these applications are built to handle an infinite scale, lower operational cost, increase faster deployments using cutting edge technologies which further increases speed to market. Our Cloud Native Application Development Services aim at speeding the development process enabling even quicker deployments.

Cloud Native Application Development Services

AWS DevOps Certificate Requirement Gathering
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Technology Stack Mapping
  • Implementation Roadmap
AWS DevOps Certificate Product Development
  • Cutting edge tools and frameworks
  • Agile Development
  • Enterprise Applications
AWS DevOps Certificate Product Testing
  • Continuous Integration Best Practices
  • Load and Performance testing
  • VAPT Scans
AWS DevOps Certificate Performance & Security
  • Engineering Low latency, traffic intensive applications
  • Industry compliant application architectures

Build your application the modern way, leverage our approach to a Flexible Delivery Model

Fixed Bid
Time & Material
Resource Augmentation

Why do cloud native applications matter?

Cloud native apps are developed and deployed rapidly by dedicated teams which provide enterprises with greater agility, resilience, portability across cloud environments, serverless applications for ease of maintenance & scale, and containerisation for better portability.

AWS DevOps Certificate Achieve a competitive advantage Cloud native application development focuses on cloud completely for its business to grow. With the pace at which businesses can develop applications in response to their customer requirements, they will succeed.
AWS DevOps Certificate Allow teams to focus on resilience Services suffer when legacy infrastructure fails. And to allow teams to avoid this, teams should put their energies on architected resilience.
AWS DevOps Certificate Accomplish greater flexibility Enterprises are looking for more than just one cloud environment. And, if a platform can support cloud native application development, enterprises can build applications that run on any public or private cloud.
AWS DevOps Certificate Streamline operations with business needs Enterprises can focus on their business priorities if they can automate IT operations. This also disables human error and manual admin tasks.

Build DevOps practices from day one

Our team of certified cloud developers help enterprises transform digitally with cloud technologies.

Benefits of on-boarding Flentas as your Cloud Native Application Development Partner

This picture illustrates increased flexibility. Increased flexibility Get the advantage of choosing any combination of operating system, programming language, database and other services
This graphic shows instant scalability. Instant scalability Increase or decrease your resource consumption and as and when scenarios change, allowing you to stay ahead
This picture represents portability in cloud. Portability Allows for applications to be easily transported among different environments, helping you react faster to business scenarios
This figure shows increased reliability. Increased reliability Your IT infrastructure will not suffer from common issues such as outages or failing infrastructure
This image represents instant cloud lower costs. Lower costs Cloud native technology enables pay-as-you-go models which lowers the overall hosting costs and allows for more IT resources on development rather than on infrastructure
This picture shows enhancing customer experience. Build better customer experience Constant review and iteration is at the foundation of building happy customer experiences, and this helps you do exactly that through API-based integration

Cloud Native Development Approach

Simpify operations by leveraging modern cloud-native development techniques.


This is the stage wherein our team of developers will simply brainstorm and put together a plan for the upcoming project alongside timelines. This enables everyone working on the project to identify the problem and scope of work.


Within this stage, we ensure a detailed analysis of the current system as well as identify new ideas for prototypes. Within this stage, we also create a software requirement specification document to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


During this stage our developers will create an outline of the overall application and will cover aspects like user interface, system interface, databases and network requirements. This design document will then be referenced throughout the entire process.


This is where the developers actually start coding and building the application according to there reference documents covered in the earlier steps.


Building the application is not enough. More emphasis has to be given to the testing stage wherein developers will make a note of any bugs that they come across such that the user experience is not affected in the long run.


This is where the overall design will come together and will be integrated into the environment making it ready for the market.


Once the application is out in the market, our team moves into the maintenance stage where they continue to test, identify and rectify issues reported by end users.

This is the 360 VUZ company logo.
This is the iball logo.
This is the logo of ketto, a client of Flentas Technologies.
This logo is used by flentas technologies' client UPL.
This is the 360 VUZ company logo.
This is the iball logo.
This is the logo of ketto, a client of Flentas Technologies.
This logo is used by flentas technologies' client UPL.
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We create success stories that are born in the cloud

Flentas is a cloud consulting company, focused on digital transformation. We help companies across various industries innovate with cloud technology by implementing a cloud experience for all your workloads. Leverage our cloud solutions for extraordinary performance, robust security, and scalability.

In this picture, a man is holding a trophy that represents flentas as the #1 cloud company in Pune.


What is the difference between cloud-agnostic and cloud-native?

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Cloud-agnostic solutions do not depend on any specific platform and can be moved from different cloud environments as and when required based on customer needs. Whereas, Cloud-native architecture is built for particular platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc. Cloud-native applications fully leverage the distributed computing offered by the Cloud delivery model.

What is cloud-native architecture?

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Cloud-native abstracts the many layers that come along with infrastructure. Things like allocating storage, configuring networking, etc., are taken care of. The cloud-native architecture uses serverless platforms like AWS Lambda, making infrastructure management effortless.

What are the things to consider while developing a cloud-native application?

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The most critical things to consider while developing a cloud-native application are: Application design should move to microservices and APIs. Ensure that you are smart about storing data, operating integration, DevOps, and testing.

Can Cloud-native applications run on-premise?

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Cloud-native services drive continued innovation. However, they can not run directly in on-premise data centers, but it can be possible with code-level changes. It's entirely dependent on all cloud-native services used while developing the application.

What are the important new trends in cloud-native software development?

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Serverless computing, Kubernetes and Containerisation, and Multi-Cloud are some of the new trends in cloud-native software development.


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