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Cloud for Financial Services

Discover how our cloud solutions can transform your operations, enhance security, and drive business growth.
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Empower your FinTech Innovation with Cloud

Our expertise and unparalleled financial services experience have helped businesses re-think their digital innovation approach. We have worked with various organizations in insurance, microfinance, housing finance, and FinTechs, helping them transform their business into modern, efficient, innovative powerhouses.

The financial services industry is at the forefront of digital transformation, but keeping pace with cutting-edge technologies is challenging for most organizations. Financial services enterprises want to stay ahead of the curve for all customer-facing or back-end applications and must be updated with the latest compliances and regulations. Through our customer-first approach, we help you deploy applications quickly without having to worry about maintenance.

Our cloud capabilities will help you embrace a modern business architecture, ensuring:

AWS DevOps Certificate Agility
AWS DevOps Certificate Scalability
AWS DevOps Certificate Robust-security

Flentas Cloud Solutions Tailored for Fintech


Cloud Migration

Our experience and expertise have helped many fintech companies scale their operations with improved security and reduced costs.


Cloud Managed Services

With managed services, our customers need not worry about their infrastructure as we ensure 24*7 support and high availability.


Digitising Customer Experiences

We help you custom build digital journeys to enhance your customer experiences, leading to greater convenience, efficiency and personalization.


Cloud Security

We empower Fintech companies to innovate securely by integrating security in the cloud environment and ensure early detection of threats and vulnerabilities.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI powered data analysis simply enables better decision making along with operational efficiency. It also helps with fraud detection, and systematic risk assessment.


Integration Suite

To fulfil the digitisation requirements, third party APIs are a must which need to be integrated for automating financial verification and KYC verification to assess end user’s credit and financial standing. We help you integrate your systems with all such third-party solutions without any hassles of learning curve or API complexities.

Drive Digital Change in Fintech: Flentas Approach

We aim to build a solid foundation for fintech/ BFSI companies to leverage the cloud effectively, ensuring innovation in their operations. Our approach provides a path for business success in the cloud, ideal for specific scenarios.

The woman is defining the data source and data flow in this picture.

Tailored Financial Industry Solutions

We offer tailored cloud solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by financial service companies, such as data security, compliance, and scalability.

This image depicts a man and a woman holding equipment for data collection and storage.

Compliance and Risk Management

We focus on providing compliance-ready environments that adhere to industry regulations and help manage and mitigate risk effectively.

In this image, the information from the cloud is ETL (Extract, Transform, load).

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

We ensure confidentiality through an NDA and implement strong encryption, access controls, and data governance mechanisms to protect you from threats.

This picture depicts a data lake or data warehouse.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud Solutions

Depending on your company's unique requirements, we offer hybrid and multi-cloud strategies that can help you have total control over your data.

This photo displays data visualisation and analytics.

Financial Analytics and

Advanced analytics and data visualization tools are developed to assist you with data-driven business decision-making.

Challenges faced by Fintech and BFSI Industry

Financial data localization

Meeting compliance requirements

Keeping up with emerging technologies

Mitigating data security risk

Benefits of Leveraging the Cloud for Financial Services

Scalability and Flexibility

Adapt quickly to market changes, regulatory demands, and customer prospects.

Enhanced Security

Benefit from advanced cutting-edge encryption, secure access controls, and proactive threat monitoring.

Cost Optimization

Pay only for the resources you consume, reducing capital expenditure and improving cost predictability.

Collaboration and Efficiency

Access critical financial data and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Harness the power of cloud-native applications and services to drive innovation.

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Flentas is a cloud consulting company, focused on digital transformation. We help companies across various industries innovate with cloud technology by implementing a cloud experience for all your workloads. Leverage our cloud solutions for extraordinary performance, robust security, and scalability.

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