Do you know these five AWS services where you can save up to 70% of cost

Sanket Jain 13th July 2022 - 4 mins read

One of the main reasons why most of the companies move their IT services to cloud is to save money. With AWS it is common knowledge that EC2 reserved instance is at a discounted rate. RDS is another service that can be reserved.

However not many know that additional services from AWS can be reserved on upfront commitments.

These are the 5 AWS services that can be reserved:-

REDSHIFT Dc2.large No Upfront Upto 75% on on-Demand
Dc2.large No Upfront Upto 75% on on-Demand
ELASTICACHE Cache.t2.micro p/hr. 40% to 60% for 3 yr. p/hr. 40% to 70% for 1-3 yr. term
Cache.te.large p/hr. 50% to 70% for 3 year term
AMAZON EMR m4.large p/hr. Upto 70% savings for all Types in Amazon EMR
c4.large p/hr.
r4xlarge p/hr.
DYNAMO DB 100 read & Write capacity units p/hr. 15% to 25% savings for AWS DynamoDB
Cloudfront 10TB / Month Upto 30% savings (depend on the usage)

    Redshift is a fully managed data warehouse solution. In order to run this service four different instances are available, two of which are optimised for compute power & other two for storage. You can reserve all partial or no upfront instances for either 1 or 3 years at a discounted rate of upto 40% to 70% respectively.

    This AWS provides in-memory cache services to retrieve data from disk based databases. It runs using 1 or 2 popular open source in-memory caching mechanised engines. Redis elasticache has 3 types of current generation instances, two of which are general purpose & one is RAM optimised. To save on cost with instance you can reserve these elasticache instances based on heavy utilization reservation. The discount is based on 1 time reservation fee that gives discounted hourly rate for using reserved instance.

  • Elastic MapReduce:
    This service processes large set of data using MapReduce workloads. The pricing for EMR is based on hourly basis for the MapReduce service, on top of an hourly rate for underlying EC2 instances that are used. While the MapReduce rate is fixed, you can lower the cost by buying EC2 reservations for instances that would be used by EMR.

    AWS Cloudfront is a popular content delivery network (CDN) service. It brings content closer to users by distributing from multiple global edge locations. The pricing of this service mostly comes from data transfer services to and from edge locations and from HTTP requests. To receive a discount on cloudfront you need to make a 12 month commitment & have a minimum monthly usage level that starts at 10TB per month. The higher the capacity requested, the larger the discount. However the pricing can only be found by contacting Amazon directly.

  • DynamoDB:
    DynamoDB is a noSQL fast database as a service that supports document & key value store models. When you create or update your DynamoDB table, you specify how much capacity you wish to reserve for reads & writes. Amazon DynamoDB will reserve the necessary machine resources to meet your throughout needs with consistent, low latency performance. You can commit to 100 reads and/or write capacity units per month on 1 year or 3 year term. The price includes an upfront fee & an ongoing hourly rate.

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