Client Ludo King
Project Ludo King
Platform Web

Key Requirement

Ludo King, the turn-based multiplayer game, being one of Gametion’s most successful game with 500 Million user-base worldwide. It was earlier hosted on a PaaS platform which was expensive as well.

Due to the increase in user traffic, they started experiencing performance issues. Their entire backend was hosted on PaaS platform and Ludo King team was not at all happy with the performance. And, hence to cope up with the same, Gametion wanted to build their own platform for backend and Game operations.

They consulted with us early on to build a scalable platform on cloud and we proposed to re-architect the multiplayer engine with focus on improving performance through our consulting and cloud migration expertise.

Major challenges faced by Gametion team:

Increased DAU/ MAU’s (Daily active users/ Monthly active users) 10 million app downloads Exceeded expenditure on maintenance of the PaaS platform Continuous issues in app performance

Client Profile

Founded in 2008, Gametion is one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian Gaming Industry. It is known for creating games that reach out to a variety of different audiences; something for everyone if you will. Their games are intended to be playable by various different age groups with each finding something to their liking. Ludo King being the most successful digital board game, ranking as India’s #1 gaming app on Android globally and No.1 game on App Store India in 2020.

Flentas adopted a modular approach to cloud migration

Flentas stepped in at the right time and with our cloud consulting expertise, we identified the issues that the Gametion team was facing. Our experts re-architected the backend completely for achieving better scalability with ease and without any hassles.

Our cloud architects worked very closely with Ludo King team and created blueprints that helped achieve operational efficiency and scalability. We then started a phase wise migration from PaaS to the cloud. We also executed load and performance testing to understand the key issues and improve the overall architecture before we could go-live. Testing helped gauge if the backend application could manage to scale as per the traffic. We then gradually migrated all the services from PaaS platform to cloud, which eventually led to huge success.

Outcome of the Project

Extremely Scalable Ludo King achieved infinite scale on AWS with the help of Flentas
Minimal downtime during migration Ludo King was able to maintain normal app operation throughout the process
Troubleshooting made easy Enabled teams to de-bug the app quite quickly
Reduced Costs Migration to the Cloud helped achieve reduction in costs by 40%
App Modernization Increased operational efficiency, speed and agility

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