At Flentas, we specialize in helping Gaming Studios scale their backend on the cloud with various leading Game Tech.

Our Services

Flentas cloud computing solutions delivers everything you need for an online multiplayer game to enhance its performance and scalability. You build the game while we manage and scale your Infrastructure and GameOps.



Our GameOps service is made specifically to manage online gaming workloads. We ensure day-to-day management of your games’ infrastructure and help you develop new game features much faster.
Our GameOps service provides game features and functionalities like Leaderboard, Matchmaking, Lobbies & Tournaments, Clan admin operations, Player operations, Chat & Gifts, Game currency configuration, and much more.


Game Analytics

Understanding your gamer’s requirements and providing them with a gameplay experience is a priority for you. To do so, you require analytical data to measure the performance of your game.
With our game analytics support, we help you analyze metrics like DAU/MAU (Daily active users/ monthly active users), player retention, custom funnels for dropout rates, find drop-offs and boost conversion thereafter, New Installs/ Uninstalls, etc. which will further help you make the right decisions based on those insights.


Cloud Managed Services

Our AWS Cloud Managed services for gaming studios help manage the entire game backend with cloud infrastructure. We have architected solutions to help gaming studios build scalable environments to support overall player experience and scale your game globally with easy deployment of game servers.


Game Backend Development Services

All online games need a robust backend, even the most popular games have a customized backend for massive scale.
Our low latency gaming backend development services will resolve scalability challenges and performance issues. We have worked with leading game studios and helped them develop a customized backend engine that works for them in the long run.


Cloud Migration

We help gaming studios migrate online games to the cloud.
From backend as a service (BaaS) to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), our cloud migration services help you enjoy the benefits of cost-effectiveness, game performance, increased speed, and efficiency.
We understand that you do not have the capacity and resources to migrate to the cloud. Moreover, if you have still not decided to migrate to the cloud, we can help you take the plunge through consultation and a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure.

Benefits of building your own Game Servers on Cloud

Server architecture is tailor-made for your needs
Gaming Companies/Studios can control their data
Ease of automation and testing
The same back end engine can be used for multiple games
Immunity to BaaS services shutting down
Significant cost savings and flexibility over BaaS
No vendor lock-in
No dependability

The Corona Virus pandemic spreading across the globe has made people of all age groups stay at home. This has created high demand for games, ranging from stress release to feeling accomplished.

The disruption has caused a sudden growth scale which has re-calibrated the Gaming Industry. The 300 Million-strong gaming market will grow to 440 Million by 2022.

Most gaming studios have scaled their operations due to high traffic and are planning to launch many more games to cater to the market.

Traditionally, Gaming studios tend to focus more on front-end technologies to build mobile and graphic-intensive games. And most of the time, studios rely on backend providers (PaaS) for all the online game server requirements.

The moment more than a few thousand concurrent users start playing the game, the need for a more solid and robust backend arises to support the scale and user experience.

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