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Client Playing 11
Project Playing 11
Platform Web

Key Requirement

Playing 11 struggled with instabilities within the existing server. It was critical for the team to manage a huge number of users at peak hours and deliver on an engaging experience. They wanted to ensure long term scalability and sustainability. At the same time, they also wanted to spend less time on infrastructure maintenances and focus on strategizing.

Major Challenges:

Managing a number of concurrent users at peak hours became unbearable for the application. Scaling the infrastructure is difficult as the application and the database resides on the same server. Placing the servers behind a load balancer was also a major issue because of the same reason. Infrastructure hosted in the Ohio region increased the latency towards catering the high number of users in India.

Client Profile

Playing 11 is one of the leading online gaming mobile application, a Cricket Fantasy League game in India. It has more than 1 Lakh cricket lovers who have installed this game, and 50,000+ active users, wherein nearly about 6000+ Leagues are played. The game is further driven by the exciting contests that’s are introduced on a daily basis. At any given instance, the application expects traffic of 10K concurrent users.

Playing 11: Journey towards Cloud Managed Services

Flentas conducted a need assessment and evaluated the current scenario and the difficulties faced by Playing 11 team. We began by mapping the existing infrastructure, keeping scalability and load balancing in mind and helped them re-architect their existing solution so that the application can run with minimal latency.

Outcome of the Project

Seamless Gaming Experience

We focused on re-architecting the infrastructure to scale up and for high concurrency

Improved Game Speed and Agility

Agile methods were adapted, thereby minimizing infrastructure complexity

Continuous Support

Hands-on Support from AWS certified experts and a highly skilled team

Powerful Database Management

Better Management of the mobile game application and database performance

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