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Svatantra Microfin (Svatantra) is a next-gen microfinance entity offering differential banking solutions. Since receiving a license from the Reserve Bank of India in 2013, Svatantra has provided financial and non-financial solutions to encourage entrepreneurship in rural areas, primarily amongst women. Svatantra constantly leverages technological innovation to bank the unbanked. By December 2022, Svatantra has proliferated with 800+ branches across 19 states having around 2.1 million active customers supported by 6500+ employees.

Key Requirement

In early 2021, Svatantra was looking for a technology partner to help them migrate their existing infrastructure to the Cloud. Svatantra had plans to scale its overall operations for the next few years. It included setting up numerous branches across rural India for better broad reach. It also meant that their workloads would double from existing ones in the next two years, significantly impacting on the existing customer base. The overall traffic increase on the backend applications and infrastructure needed to scale as per business demand.

Major Challenges

The IT infrastructure that Svatantra was using came with multiple challenges, as listed below:
  • On-demand scale to meet business growth
  • Performance issues related to infrastructure
  • Streamlined Infrastructure operations
  • Overall Security Posture


Svatantra aimed to move their Business applications (All-in) to AWS Cloud for efficiency, scalability, better performance, and security. To do so, Flentas' Cloud Migration team helped successfully migrate and set-up their entire infrastructure on AWS Cloud for their mission-critical applications with the setup of highly available respective Databases.

Look at the below points that elaborate briefly on how we helped design the roadmap, and plan and execute the migration plan on AWS Cloud.

  • Setup their Applications on AWS using the below services:
    • AWS EC2 – To run the web services consumed by the Mobile Application.
    • Load-Balancer – To load balance on multiple EC2 Instances and manage scale.
    • MSSQL Cluster – Set up MSSQL always on high availability cluster in AWS and migrate on-prem data.
    • Amazon VPC – To segregate the network between multiple environments.
  • Modernizing the applications to leverage object storage services by using fully managed AWS services like S3.
  • Our team of AWS-certified engineers assisted with planning the cutover for Svatantra application, helping them migrate their workload from their co-location infra to AWS.
  • Flentas also helped set up a basic monitoring system to alert the critical thresholds and Identify workload patterns.

Business Impact

Successful cloud security strategy Flentas helped Svatantra set-up best practices around security by enhancing the overall security posture of all the workloads.
High availability We helped Svatantra set-up a platform that supports on-demand scale and high-availability environments.
Setup disaster recovery for SQL Server We helped them set-up the MSSQL cluster on AWS and perform the data restore drills for approx. 5TB of data.
Reduced cutover time Due to the faster response time provided by our team, we were able to reduce cutover time.
Cloud Migration designed for Scalability After migration to AWS Cloud, Svatantra could scale up applications rapidly during surge days, which wasn't possible with traditional infrastructure.

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