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Migration to a Serverless Architecture with
AWS Cloud for Healthcare

Client Profile

Docterz, crafted by doctors for doctors, addresses the challenge of healthcare access in a nation of 1.34 billion people, 22 languages, and 1 million doctors. Docterz mission is to break down financial barriers to medical care, enabling individuals to receive standard and affordable healthcare. In a landscape where each doctor practices uniquely, the hurdle of consultation fees often deters timely medical visits, potentially leading to severe complications. Docterz responds by providing tools that democratize quality healthcare, nurturing doctor-patient relationships, and allowing unfettered access to specialized care without financial concerns. Docterz vision is a healthcare ecosystem that offers comprehensive and equitable medical services, uniting doctors and patients in the pursuit of well-being.

Key Requirement

Migrate from a server-based approach to a serverless architecture Ensure high uptime for the website Enable immediate scaling during peak usage Streamline and automate code deployment processes Optimize costs and rightsizing of AWS resources Conduct root cause analysis (RCA) with rapid issue response

Major Challenges

Meeting on-demand scalability for business growth Addressing performance issues within the infrastructure Enhancing the efficiency of infrastructure operations Automating code deployment for efficiency Achieving cost savings on existing resources


Docterz aimed to revolutionize healthcare access, breaking down financial barriers and ensuring quality medical care for all. They sought a serverless architecture to enhance scalability, streamline operations, automate code deployment, and optimize costs. Here's how we achieved Docterz's objectives through our tailored solution:

  • Transitioned frontend to S3 and backend to ECS Fargate for scalability.
  • Established CI/CD pipeline for efficient code deployment.
  • Implemented CloudFront and S3 hosting for high availability.
  • Set up rapid issue alerts through AWS SNS for quick response.
  • Facilitated seamless transition to serverless architecture with S3 and ECS Fargate.
  • Orchestrated efficient code deployment using CI/CD pipeline and Jenkins.
  • Elevated availability through CloudFront and S3 hosting for optimized user experiences.
  • Enabled rapid issue response via AWS SNS alerts, promoting quick resolutions.

Our Managed Services Approach

    Migration to Serverless Architecture:
    • Migrated frontend from nginx on EC2 to S3 Static website hosting.
    • Transitioned backend applications from EC2 to ECS Fargate using Docker images.
    High Uptime and Low Latency:
    • Employed Cloudfront with S3 website hosting for caching and low latency.
    Immediate Scaling:
    • Implemented automatic scaling on ECS clusters based on resource utilization.
    Streamlined Code Deployment:
    • Established AWS CI/CD pipeline using GitHub webhooks, AWS CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy for production.
    • Utilized Jenkins for non-production environment deployments.
    Efficient Non-Prod Scaling:
    • Leveraged AWS EventBridge to trigger Lambda functions for scaling ECS clusters during non-working hours.
    • Employed Jenkins along with AWS CLI for developer-controlled non-prod environment scaling.
    Rightsizing of AWS Resources:
    • Analyzed CPU and memory utilization over 30 days to provide rightsizing recommendations.
    Cost Optimization:
    • Combined Fargate and Fargate Spot instances for production environments.
    • Utilized Fargate Spot for non-prod environments.
    • Automated non-prod environment shutdown at night.
    • Implemented Reserved Instances (RIs) for production RDS instance.
    • Utilized Compute Savings Plans for EC2 and ECS resources.
    Rapid Issue Response:
    • Configured alerts for CPU, memory, disk utilization, and system checks via AWS SNS.
    • Notifications to both AWS and the development team, ensuring immediate and well-coordinated actions to address issues. Notifications to AWS and the development team ensure immediate and well-coordinated actions to address issues.

Project Outcome

  • Minimal Downtime: Achieved a seamless migration process with minimal disruption.
  • Efficient Code Deployment: Enabled code deployment without any service interruptions.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Modernized the application, leading to improved operational speed and agility.
  • Robust High Availability: Leveraged AWS CloudFront, S3 website hosting, and dynamic ECS for a highly available website.
  • Scalable Cloud Migration: Transformed to a serverless model, empowering rapid application scaling during demand spikes, a feat unattainable with traditional infrastructure.
  • Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure: Strategically optimized resources utilization to manage operational costs effectively.
  • Effective Incident Management: Provided round-the-clock support to the development team for Level 1 production issues.
  • Tangible Cost Reduction: Realized significant cost savings through the adoption of by adopting the serverless approach.

Business Impact

Scalability and Availability Serverless architecture enabled flexible scaling, ensuring consistent service during high demand. CloudFront and S3 hosting boosted availability and user experience.
Efficient Operations and Savings Streamlined operations, coupled with resource optimization, lowered costs. Automated scaling and shutdowns in non-prod environments yielded substantial savings.
Enhanced Incident Management Round-the-clock support for Level 1 issues ensured effective incident resolution. Quick actions minimized disruptions and improved service continuity.
Transformed Healthcare Access Modernized infrastructure aligned with Docterz's vision of accessible healthcare. Performance improvements expanded their reach, fulfilling their mission.
Cost-Efficient Transformation Serverless adoption and resource optimization drove significant cost savings, redirecting resources for core healthcare initiatives.

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