About Zenwise and Zambala

Pune-based fintech start-up Zambala is an aggregation platform for US and Indian market investors that enables them to buy or sell stocks through its app. It also provides advisory and monitors their investment.

Zambala is an AI-powered marketplace for Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi)-registered brokerage houses and market experts, where retail investors can connect. It spares the investor of broker commissions and other fees, and is free of cost.

The Challenge

Zenwise developed a marketplace platform for Securities, Exchanges and Market experts to connect.

The need was to migrate and modernize the application on Cloud (AWS) to leverage scalability, performance, cost-effectiveness and reap maximum benefits. Zenwise was looking to outsource the entire infrastructure operations to pursue the required compliances and optimally use the Cloud resources.

The Solution

Flentas helped design and migrate the application on AWS. Briefly Flentas helped Zenwise with:

  • Setting up the Application on AWS using the below services:
    • AWS EC2 – To run the web services consumed by the Mobile Application
    • Load-Balancer – To load balance on multiple EC2 Instances and manage scale
    • Elastic IP Address for EC2 Instances – To bind to domain names and start and stop the Dev and QA environments on demand
    • Amazon VPC – To segregate network between multiple environments
  • Decoupling of the application to leverage scaling by using fully-managed AWS services like S3, Redis, etc.
  • Apart from setting up and architecting of the application on AWS, Flentas also engaged with Zenwise with Managed Services offering with the below services:
    • Helping automate starting and stopping of the DEV environments during office hours to save on the costs
    • Automating Backup and Recovery strategies
    • Proactive 24/7 monitoring and Alerting of the Infrastructure and Application
    • Integration of APM tools to identify Application fine tuning avenues

The Benefits

  • By outsourcing cloud managed services, Zenwise saved on staffing a full-time cloud resource which is often unnecessary for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Reduced the go-live time remarkably for the product, due to faster response time of Flentas.
  • Flentas helped Zenwise to identify maximum cost saving avenues by sharing fortnightly cost saving reports and proactively working on the shared avenues.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the infrastructure taking care of all the patch management, security and performance requirements.
  • Interfacing and resolving vendor specific issues.
  • Support for ongoing business evolution

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