Money Fellows shifts to AWS Outpost for a seamless on-premises experience

Client Profile

Money Fellows, a trusted financial platform serving over 7 million users, offers secure and flexible solutions for achieving financial goals. In 2017 Money Fellows introduced the concept of digitized Money Circles to the market, providing greater convenience, flexibility, and confidentiality, backed by legal contracts. Users enjoy a wide portfolio of services and benefits, including zero-fee payout slots, discounts of up to 125% on installments, and various payment methods offered through partner service providers. With the option to join multiple circles and installment plans starting at just 250 EGP/month, Money Fellows is a smart and accessible choice for users seeking reliable financial planning.

Key Requirement

As a fintech company based in Egypt, Money Fellows was required to comply with local regulations that mandate all user data be stored within the country's geographic boundaries. The company needed a technology partner to assist with migrating the existing data center infrastructure to AWS Outposts to adhere to data residency laws. With plans to expand operations and accommodate a growing user base, the platform anticipates an increased demand for its backend applications. The migration is crucial for ensuring scalability, maintaining compliance, optimizing performance, and meeting the evolving needs of their users as they continue to expand. The challenge was to execute a seamless transition to AWS Outposts while maintaining data integrity and ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations during the migration process.

Major Challenges

Data Residency Requirements and meeting PCI DSS compliance Streamlined Infrastructure operations and security Establishment of a private connection from MoneyFellow to the vendor company


Backed by years of experience migrating and modernizing complex workloads on AWS, Flentas proposed to engage with MoneyFellow to define the roadmap, plan, design, and execute the implementation plan, as well as work closely with the IT team to deploy on-premises workload on AWS Outpost.

The below points highlight how Flentas helped design the roadmap, plan and execute the migration plan on AWS Outpost:

  • Design architecture and setup applications on AWS Outpost using the below services:
    • Local Gateway – Established network Connectivity between On-premise and the AWS Outpost
    • AWS EC2 – Run web services consumed by the Mobile and Web Application
    • Load-Balancer – To enable load balance on multiple EC2 Instances and manage scale
    • RDS MYSQL – Setup MYSQL database in AWS Outpost.
    • ECR – To store container images
    • ECS Cluster – To run and deploy several micro-services applications
    • Amazon VPC – To segregate the network between multiple environments
  • Planned cutover for MoneyFellow applications and migrated their workloads to AWS Outpost
  • Established Site-to-Site connectivity with respective vendors
  • Set up of monitoring system to alert critical thresholds and Identify workload patterns

Components and Services

AWS Outposts, IAM (Identity and Access Management), SSM (Systems Manager), CloudTrail, GuardDuty, Inspector, ECR (Elastic Container Registry), CloudWatch, EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), ECS (Elastic Container Service), ALB (Application Load Balancer), RDS (Relational Database Service), ACM (AWS Certificate Manager), S3 (Simple Storage Service), Conformance Packs, SSM Patch Manager, Cron job, CloudWatch Dashboards, Wazuh (Third-party integration).

Our Managed Services Approach

  • Direct VPC routing was configured for Local Gateway to establish connectivity and route outbound internet traffic from the On-premises router
  • Firewall was configured in on-premises to monitor and control Inbound and Outbound traffic
  • Site-to-Site VPN connection was setup to establish connectivity between 3d party vendor and the Outpost services
  • Migration of data to the RDS on Outpost was performed
  • We established an Amazon ECS cluster on Outpost for microservices applications, and created an ECS service and tasks.
  • Required docker images were pulled from ECR repository
  • AWS CloudWatch was used for monitoring and setting up alerts and logs for all metrics of the Outpost resources

Cutover Approach

  • Once the infrastructure setup was completed on Outpost, a pipeline was established to transfer data to the Outpost
  • For microservices, the ECS cluster setup was completed first, followed by the gradual deployment of applications into the ECS cluster
  • Upon completion of the application server setup, including the necessary VPN connectivity, the application was exposed via an ALB behind the on-premises firewall
  • Following the deployment of the application, the corresponding application database was migrated to AWS Outpost

Business Impact

Data Localization and Low-Latency Flentas helped Money Fellows team with deploying resources on AWS Outpost within their own data center or facilities to keep sensitive data local for compliance or regulatory reasons
Successful security strategy We set-up best practices around security by enhancing the overall security posture of all the workloads
Setup disaster recovery for MySQL We helped the client set-up the DR for MySQL database to achieve near zero RPO 
Application and Infrastructure Monitoring AWS CloudWatch dashboards were made available to monitor all the applications. And SNS Subscriptions were created to notify the System of changes
Seamless Infrastructure Deployment Successfully deployed infrastructure components such as networking, database, compute, ECS cluster in AWS Outpost using Terraform in a Non-Prod and Production environment

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