#1 VR And Media Based Startup in Middle East

About 360vuz

360VUZ is the pioneer and Virtual Reality Mobile App Teleporting people in time. It captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences. The 360VUZ Mobile app Ranked #1 in the Entertainment category on App Store ahead of top players such as Netflix and Shahid. 360VUZ teleports people in live, virtual reality and Video content in amazing quality – supporting in building the ecosystem for live and on-demand Video and VR to become a mainstream experience for sporting events, exclusive happenings, Influencer Appearances, concerts, and more. Out in the market in 2017, 360VUZ has more than 3 provisional patents and reached over 1 Million Users.

The Challenge

These were the high level challenges faced by 360vuz team:

  • Monolith service layer with tightly coupled architecture components
  • Application not deployed for horizontal scalability and high availability
  • Multiple single point of failure components
  • Server capacity not sized according to actual utilisation, causing high cloud spend
  • Minimal Infrastructure and application monitoring which was causing abrupt downtime situations
  • Manual feature releases to servers

The Solution

  • AWS architecture setup from scratch with all security, scalability and HA best practices
  • Decoupled application components into separate layers ensuring no signal points of failure
  • Multi-AZ redundancy throughout the tiers for high availability and fault tolerance
  • Utilised AWS managed services like RDS, ElastiCache, CloudFront and other media services
  • DevOps pipeline for smooth automated feature releases with minimal to zero user impact
  • Monitoring dashboard and respective alerts for all infrastructure metrics

The Benefits

  • Scalable, Highly available and Secure AWS setup
  • Optimised cloud spend with auto-scaling of resources according to load parameters
  • Minimal operational overhead for managing Database and Cache clusters
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts to signal potential issues in advance
  • Faster release cycles with automated release pipelines

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